What Kind Of Blog Should I Start? – Finding The Right Niche

What Kind Of Blog Should I Start? – Finding The Right Niche

“What kind of blog should I start?” Is probably the most asked question I hear when I’m talking to new bloggers.

Thankfully, I’m here to help!
So it really comes down to what you love to do, and what your goals are as in, blogging for an income and a passion, or blogging for pure passion.

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Blogging For An Income And A Passion

So obviously, if we blog to make an income we would like to make sure we keep our blogs in niches that are known to make money, and I’m not saying that if your niche is not in one of these categories it’s not going to make money, it just may be a little harder to do.

So if you’re really trying to get into making an income quick with your blog I highly suggest sticking to one of these niches

  1. How To Make Money Online/Blogging/Buisness
  2. Food/Recipes
  3. Fitness/Health
  4. Makeup/Skin/(Health)
  5. Homesteading
  6. Self-Improvement
  7. Dating/Relationships
  8. Wealth and Investing
  9. Personal Finance/Money Saving
  10. Technology

I’ve seen a lot of these bloggers have a lot of success in their online businesses when they work hard and dedicate themselves to their blog while working at niches like these.

Remember the key to making money with a blog is to stay on top of your blog, work hard and do your research before you write your articles.

Be sure to take your time and make your readers time worthwhile.

Be Sure You Have A Passion For It

It’s a little hard to always write things about topics you could really care less about… I mean like really hard.

Find a niche you have a passion for, even a little bit of passion.

If you’re really focused on making an income with your blog and you do want to stick with one of the 10 top niches I’ve listed above, really think about them and decide if it’s something you’d be able to write about continuously.

What Kind Of Blog Should You Start? Finding Your Niche
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Here’s some advice from me to you, something I learned and something I wish someone told me before I started blogging; Do not stress too much about your niche! More than likely you are going to change it anyways! Find a niche and test it out, if you figure out you do not like it, just change it! No biggie!

I waited MONTHS before I started blogging because I was so stressed out about which niche I should go with. If, I knew the niche I first picked that I “had my heart set on” would soon be changed I would have started my blog way before than.

Find a niche you feel you may have a passion for or could find a passion for, build your website, and see how it goes! If you really aren’t liking it… change it!

When Did I Decide I Had A Passion

Personally, this was something that was a little hard for me because I was so new to the blogging world… like literally brand new… never, ever, ever tried blogging before.

So to say the least I was a little overwhelmed with everything already because there was already so much information to learn! I couldn’t believe how much there is to learn about blogging (THANK YOU WEALTHY AFFILIATE!)!

So it did take me a little to really decide if I really enjoyed writing about what I was writing about.

My first blog I tried out self-help, because those are my absolutely favorite books to read… but come to find out I’m terrible at writing about self-help. It’s almost as if I have more on my mind and I can’t figure out how to get it all out on paper.

After a couple blog post’s I started to really struggle to find things to write about, three weeks in I decided to throw in the towel and stick to just being a reader to self-help bloggers and authors! (I love you all!)

My second blog is actually Live Life Easier, this blog… Heyy!

It was actually kind of a shot in the dark with this one because like I said before I was completely new to blogging so starting a blog about how to blog, was pretty risky, but I actually learned so much from Wealthy Affiliate that I felt really confident starting a blog about helping others achieve their blogging goals.

The more I blogged the more I found out I actually really loved it.

I loved the fact that I was helping others create blogs and live their lives more freely from being able to work from home.

I loved that I had and have lots of people reaching out telling me that they love my blog and how my blog has helped them.

I’d say it took me about two weeks to really decide that I really loved what I blog about and honestly it totally makes my day when I know I’m out there helping others.

So think about what your blog can do for others, besides the fact of what your blog can do for you financially, and I think maybe you can learn to love your niche more!


Remember, blogging is something that we’re all capable of. We just have to find within ourselves what we’re best as blogging about and what we can express the best.

Like I explained before (with me loving self-help books but cannot write it myself) sometimes things we think may suit us the best may just not work out the best, and things that we think would never in a million years be our best blog niche may just be our calling.

Blogging is just about trial and error really!

Thankfully we have backspaces, we have delete options, and a bunch more things that give us the options to just switch some stuff around and BAM, there is a brand new beautiful website with a new niche!

I know you can make a spectacular website, trust me… find a niche you feel may be a good fit for you, build a website and get going with it!

Remember, it is okay to switch your niche, and it is okay to not be completely sure on a niche at first!

Don’t wait around just because of a niche!

Work hard on your blog and your calling will come!

Your Friend,

What Kind Of Blog Should I Start


4 thoughts on “What Kind Of Blog Should I Start? – Finding The Right Niche

  1. As someone that is just starting out, I really appreciate the advice in this post. I feel a little more free knowing it is ok to fail in my first few endeavors.

  2. Hey Anna!

    I love your positive energy!
    You are absolutely right about the passion behind of finding the right niche. It came pretty easy for me and Wealthy Affiliate has turned my life around! Thanks for this great post!
    You go girl 💪

    1. Thank you so much Mira!
      That’s amazing! For some people is really does come easily and I’m so glad to hear it came easily for you!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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