Tips On Staying Motivated With Your Blog – Stop Losing Hope And Continue Going Forward

Tips On Staying Motivated With Your Blog – Stop Losing Hope And Continue Going Forward

Motivation, something I’m sure we all wish would come naturally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t for most of us, so it becomes up to us to really unlock the motivation we’re all capable of.How To Stay Motivated

If you’re thinking,

“No one wants to hear what I’m writing about”

“My blog isn’t good enough to go anywhere”

“I’ve been doing this for month’s and haven’t gotten anywhere”

Don’t give up! I’m serious someone out there I can almost guarantee is out there looking for content like yours, there’s so many people in the world, all it takes is one person to discover your blog, then from there. There’s only one way to go, up! All bloggers didn’t start there blog and write there first content and have it be absolutely amazing, practice makes perfect and the only way to achieve that is thru staying motivated and keep on going!

I’m going to help you with some tips I use to stay motivated with my blog, and generally in life! These are all things I’ve found most successful for me!

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So Why Am I Doing This?

So, one the main tips I have for you is finding your reason behind why your doing this. Is it a love for blogging, being hopeful of having your blog become profitable, is it because you want to make your blog your full income and be able to work from home?

Whatever the reason, its really important that you find that reason, write it down, write a blog about it, do something that will really trigger your brain. It’s all mind over matter right?

Something I do to keep reminding myself is I talk about it, a lot. To my husband, my friends, family. Let everyone know what you’re doing and why. This helps because there’ll be times they ask you about it, they’re your own personal reminders without them even realizing it.

Personally I love blogging, It’s something I can just kinda let go on. I open my computer, think about what I want to write, then just write what comes to mind. Of course, I would love to make it into a profitable business, where eventually my family could live a lot more comfortably, but in order for that to happen I MUST stay motivated.

Calendar Reminders

This might sound a little funny, but I add calendar reminders to my phone quite often.

By this I mean what I’ll do is I’ll go into my calendar on my phone and add “events” to certain days. I fill that day with reminders of making a post, updating your site, or connecting with subscribers. Whatever it is I make sure I will be reminded every couple hours. Snooze one “event”? That’s alright there’s another one in two hours!

Repetition is key when your needing some motivation.

Write Down Your Goals

Do you find yourself walking around or working thinking, “This is not what I want to do with my life”?

I thought about that A lot when I was working outside of home. The traffic, the bosses, the capped income. Everytime I would have a thought like that I’d write it down, pen and paper, your phone, wherever is convenient for you at the time. I’d save them and stick them in my nightstand drawer at home. So every night before going to bed I’d open my nightstand to take my vitamins and read those notes.

At the end of the week I’d write a “recap” of my thoughts and feelings and hang them on my wall.

Motivational Quotesstay motivated

I love motivational quotes, I mean seriously they are made for motivation, what’s there not to love! I like to hang them on my wall in my closet, set them as my wallpaper on my phone, and when I used to have a desk job I would put them on top of my desk, now I update a little sticky note weekly of an awesome motivation quote and stick it on my laptop.

It’s nice just to have those little motivations around your house and/or your current job.


Motivation is the key to success

I’m sure we all know motivation is a huge thing for success, in order for us to achieve really any of our goals we need that persistence and motivation.

Motivation isn’t something that is easy to have for some of us. If we keep doing things in our daily life that reminds us of what we want to do with our life, and how we can do it, it can make things a lot easier. We’re all capable of amazing things we just need to put our minds to it.

I really wanted to share this post with everyone because even I at times get unmotivated and can slack off. I tend to lean back to the motivations tips that help me the best. Which are all the one’s I’ve listed for you. I hope these are very helpful for you as well!

If you have any things you do to keep yourself motivated share below in the comments, I’d love to hear some more ideas!


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