The Best Black Friday Deals For Bloggers – Products To Make Your Blogging Life Easier

The Best Black Friday Deals For Bloggers – Products To Make Your Blogging Life Easier

This year Black Friday will be on November 23rd, and I am SO excited to announce these amazing Black Friday Deals!! They are by far some of the best one’s I’ve seen. Everything I’m about to share with you has a huge potential to help you either, create a business or improve your business!

Did I mention, there are no crowds you have to deal with?

Don’t let these incredible deals slip on by!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This does not alter my opinion and/or review, all products I review are honest opinions. Thank you for your support!

Best Black Friday Deals

Wealthy Affiliate

If you have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate you’re missing out! Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most detailed learning experience for anyone trying or making an online business. The tools they have are truly unbeatable for a fraction of the price of others!

They are having a seriously amazing Black Friday deal running November 23rd to November 26th of 2018 and let me tell you, you do not want to miss this!

The deal is only $299 for an ENTIRE YEAR! That means loads of training courses, live training sessions, a massive supportive online community, thousands of theme’s to choose from for your website, detailed videos of step by step of how to making your website, lets not forget over 20 websites your able to create, and so much more, all for only $299 for an entire year!

Here’s some reasons why you don’t want to miss this deal

  • It’s a 49% discount from the original annual membership that is $359, or the annual membership of $588 if you’re paying the monthly membership at $49
  • This may be the last time Wealthy Affiliate EVER runs this deal
  • If you purchase the $299 black Friday deal you will be locked into this price, year after year, as long as you do not cancel your membership
  • You can start being your own boss!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, and you’re ready to take the steps to really change your life and start living your dreams click here!



Ahh Tailwind, something I am thankful for on a daily basis. Tailwind is one of the most successful platforms for driving traffic to your site, along with making your life that much easier.

A little about Tailwind; Tailwind is a website based on social media platforms and being able to promote your accounts. Obviously us, as entrepreneurs we are connected thru some form of social media, such as Pinterest. Tailwind, being amazing as they are have given us the opportunity to become connected thru millions of other users, millions of potential followers for your website.

They have a system where you’re able to “schedule pins”, to where you can choose which pins to schedule to which board, then simply click “schedule” and Tailwind will do the rest for you. They have determined when your audience is most engaged and when the best time for your pin to be released. You can have an entire list of scheduled pins, and Tailwind will put all the work in for you. 80% of my traffic is generated thru tailwind! Too good to be true? I thought so too.

My traffic increased 1400% the first WEEK of using Tailwind!

I’m not going to go all into it, or else we might be here for a while. If your unsure about it, their is a free version, I highly recommend at least checking them out!

As of right now Tailwind has not released their Black Friday Promotion for this year, but I believe they may have the same discount they ran last year, which is 30% off their premium membership. I will keep you guys updates as soon as their Black Friday Promotion get’s released.

In the mean time, you can go ahead and check them out here, if you sign up thru that link you’ll also receive a free month of premium as a gift from me, to you!

WP Engine

WP Engine can be a huge part of your online business. They are a leading web host in the managed wordpress host category used by many business owners.

WP Engine takes care of all of your website security on your behalf. They also guarantee the security of your site, so this means that if for some reason something does happen to your site in the security side WP Engine will cover all clean-up costs.

Something I think is extremely important as a business owner, especially since clean-up costs can actually cost thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your site.

  • Black Friday Deal: 35% Off your first months payment with WP Engine, that means, 3 and a half months free in addition to the 2 months free you already get with any annual subscription!
  • Coupon Code: cyberwpe2018
  • Dates: Thursday, November 22, 2018 through Monday, November 26, 2018.
  • Restrictions: Offer valid for new customers purchasing any Startup, Growth, or Scale plan. Not valid for existing customers, renewals, upgrades, or any other product purchase.

If your a new site owner, or simply do not have any security in your current blog, you have to keep in mind. Without security your site can be at risk! Do not let all your hard work be destroyed because you don’t have any security for you website.

Click Here for this amazing deal! 



Bluehost is one of the best hosting websites there is to use, many current blog owners tend to lean more towards them.

The great thing about this is you will get access to one free domain with every host purchase. BlueHost is also offering a special deal on domain names for only $2.99 for an entire year. These consist of, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us.

BlueHost Black Friday Deal

  • 60% off the original price, you can buy web hosting for only $2.65 a month! (I’m not sure about you, but I lose more money than that in the washing machine every month, this is a killer deal!)
  • Deal time: November 24th, 2018 – November 27th, 2018

Click Here if you want to be apart of this amazing deal!

BlueHost Cyber Monday Special

Bluehost is also having a Cyber Monday Flash sale, this in my opinion seems to be a tad better then the actual Black Friday deal, as they are offering the biggest discount on their hosting package.

Cyber Monday starts at 12:01 am EST and ends 11:59 PST

Here is the Cyber Monday Pricing

  • Starter:
    36 months: $2.95
    24 months: $3.95
    12 months: $4.95
  • Plus:
    36 months: $5.25
    24 months: $6.95
    12 months: $7.95
  • Pro:
    36 months: $13.25
    24 months: $15.95
    12 months: $18.95

BlueHost is also having a Cyber Monday flash sale, meaning it’s only going on between A four hour time period between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm MST it will be $1.95 on the 36 month term. Includes a free domain name.

Click Here for access to this killer deal!

WordPress Themes

If you currently have a WordPress theme for your website, or you’re wanting to get one, be sure to check each theme your interested in as most of them are offering some amazing deals on upgrading to pro!

For example, the theme I use is currently having a major discount of 50% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

I didn’t make a list for these, as WordPress has more than 3000 themes, so we might have been here for a while if I were to do so.

So, be sure to check your theme homepage if your not pro, and if you are just starting, be sure to find a theme you really like and check their homepage to access your amazing discount!


Shopify is a complete E Commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. If you’re getting ready for this crazy Black Friday Weekend, and need a better selling platform, Shopify is the way to go.

Right now is the prime time to start selling your goods and products.

Shopify lets you

  • Create and customize and online store
  • Sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops
  • Manage Products, Inventory, Shipping, and Payments.

Shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted, meaning you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. This gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

I’ve yet to hear if Shopify is having any Black Friday Specials, but it doesn’t hurt to check. I will also keep you guys updated if I do find anything out.

I wanted to share this with you, because this is the best time of year to get your goods and products on a selling market. With the holidays and new year approaching many are looking to purchase and upgrade there items.

Don’t let this perfect time of year slip on by. Get started with an E commerce selling platform, perfect for any type of product and start building your store now!

Click here to get your holiday selling seasons started right


Blogging is a lifestyle for most of us, and most of us bloggers are involved in Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the top income generators for bloggers and online business holders.

I personally love ShareASale, they are an affiliate marketing site where your introduced to thousands of brands/companies you can market for. They have some really amazing companies they partner with, I’ve seen companies thru ShareASale offering 50% of the sale to the Affiliate Marketer (you), $200 Per sale to the Affiliate Marketer (you again), that is some amazing marketers to become affiliated with!

  • I do recommend you always stay honest with each and every review and only promote products/businesses you would absolutely love and be a part of yourself.

This isn’t necessarily a Black Friday Sale, it’s actually free. I just wanted to share this with you so you can be aware of this great site!

If ShareASale is something you want to become a part of to bring your affiliate marketing to a whole new level click here.


I think having a reliable, fast laptop is probably on my top list of must haves if you want to have more success with an online business! I mean NOTHING is worse than trying to do things online and your computer is taking forever, you’re out of storage, yadayadayada, I mean it’s horrible.

  • MacBook Air 

IOS is unbeatable at keeping things up to date with the latest technology, they have impeccable built-in cameras. All around they are pretty darn amazing (In my opinion).

So Best Buy is having an incredible deal of select MacBook Air Laptops starting at $799!!! $799 for an absolutely amazing, high performance, beautiful laptop! Ideal for all of your needs. This is the time to buy if you’re wanting one, or else you’ll be spending over $1000 on one!

If you’ve had your eyes on a MacBook Air, which I do not blame you, you can go ahead and get your hands on one now for an amazing $200 discount!

This deal starts Thursday, November 22 and ends Sunday, November 25th

Access this deal with the link below!

MacBook Air starting at $799.99

This awesome laptop has really amazing speed, its one of Lenovo’s newest laptops they recently came out with, so that means you’ll be having all the latest and greatest software updates!

This Laptop is originally $1,199, but this EARLY Black Friday deal is going on NOW for only $459. Truly an amazing deal, that is a huge discount!! A whoppin $740 discount! Deal’s like that are almost unheard-of!

Some amazing perks about this computer is

  • Upgrade RAM and Hard Drive (SSD) up to 20GB DDR4, 1TB SSD to Improve the Performance.
  • Intel Quad-core Celeron N4100 / 1.1 GHz (1.1 / 2.4GHz, 4MB)
  • 15.6″ HD LED Backlight (1366 x 768) Display, Intel Integrated HD Graphics, 2x 1.5W speakers with Dolby Audio Processing
  • Intel Wireless-AC WLAN + Bluetooth 4.1, 100/1000M Gigbit Ethernet (RJ-45 Connector), 1x USB 3.0 Type C, 2x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, 1x Media Card Reader, 1x Combination Audio Jack
  • Windows 10 Home

Lets not forget that this computer is currently rated at 5/5 stars on Amazon. Viewers are raving about how amazing this computer is. If you want to have a successful business, a great reliable laptop should be one of the first things on your list!

If this laptop looks like it would fit your personal needs and be your new BFF, click here. Remember this is an early Black Friday Deal, so it’s going on NOW!

Best Buy Co, Inc.


Okay okay I know, you guys may have chuckled a little here. My husband always gets a good laugh when he see’s me pull out my planners, but honestly as a blogger I can’t really imagine life without them! I mean seriously, their are so many things to keep on top of as a blogger, so many sites we’re connected with to keep our site up and running, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the mental power to remember all of that stuff! Let me tell you right now, mom brain is no joke. If you’re a mama and you don’t have it, I envy you.

So one planner that really sticks out to me is the Zippered Pad Folio Resume Portfolio Planner Organizer Document Holder.

I like this one a lot because it’s big enough to hold all of my needs, yet not big to the point where it’s a total pain if you have to bring it anywhere. The max size laptop it can hold is 11″, but personally I don’t put my laptop in my Planner holder. All I need is a blown up pen and my computer destroyed because of something like that!

It’s stylish enough to where it is still trendy, but professional at the same time. It’s unisex, so it could make a great gift for any business man, or woman.

If your interested in this potential life saving planner organizer click here.

Black Friday Is Your BFF


As we can see Black Friday has some seriously amazing things to offer. I mean not that you guys didn’t already know that.

I’m just so glad you came and stopped by to check out these amazing deals, these are honestly in my book of must haves! Creating your own online empire can be hard at times, its products and websites like this that can make things easier on you.

Reminding you all of how thankful I am to have all of you joining me and for your support, as the month of November you are one of my main reasons to give and say thanks!

Have an AMAZING Black Friday! Stay safe, and have fun shopping!!

P.S. Don’t forget your Starbucks, and your planner


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  1. Thanks for this informative and timely blog! Wealthy affiliate is an amazing platform and to think that they are having Black Friday deal at $299/yr is amazing. I hope people jump on that and take advantage of the incredible value that the site/program offers. If you want to make real income you should consider it. The laptop is an amazing deal as well.
    Thanks again for bringing these deals to our attention. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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