The Best Affiliate Marketing Program – My Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program – My Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Thanks for stopping by, chances are, you’re wanting to start affiliate marketing, or may just be trying to figure out what it is.

Well, I’m here to tell you all of my personal opinions on it, and in my opinion the best affiliate marketing program, and why.

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Best affiliate marketing programs

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is something I’ve talked about before, simply because I would love for more people to find out about it.

It’s been the ONLY way I’ve been able to make real money online, and actually figure out how to get this whole blogging/affiliate marketing thing down!

So, first off before you start reading about all the incredible things Wealthy Affiliate has to offer let me tell you that you can join for free.

Alright, so, Wealthy Affiliate is a site that is entirely based around training you in every aspect of making money online.

The creators, Kyle and Carson, both have found a lot of success through affiliate marketing and are actually sharing how they’ve done it. They are wanting success for everyone out there who is willing to make that leap, are you going to be one of them?

The sources of training they have is honestly unbelievable, theirs live videos, over 100 hours of training available, access to wordpress and videos on how to use it and how to succeed, 24/7 live help, an email for your website, the ability to create 50 websites, and so much more!

Now not all of these options are available for free members, but for a more detailed list of the free and paid membership you can check that out here!

My Honest Opinion

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months now, and I can say I’m very thankful for them. After 6 months of being with Wealthy Affiliate, and before them knowing absolutely nothing about blogging, affiliate marketing, wordpress, or anything, I now have a website up and running, with a follower basis and an income being made from it daily.

Pretty damn cool if you ask me!

So what do I think the best affiliate marketing program is? Wealthy Affiliate!

You must always keep in mind that affiliate marketing is, in fact hard work. It isn’t something that is just a “do when you feel like it”, thing. You need to keep up with it, and work hard.
I do unfortunately see a lot of people out there saying how “affiliate marketing is just a scam” how it “doesn’t work”, yet there are millions of affiliate marketers out there everyday making large incomes exclusively from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not a scam, there are scams, yes. However, if you’re with a reputable site like Wealthy Affiliate, AND you work hard, you can achieve a lot of success in affiliate marketing.

Now, the main reason I do love Wealthy Affiliate is that it gives you so much knowledge, and the amount of knowled

ge is enough to get you off of your feet and get you up and going in the marketing world.

Just about everything on my website currently, besides some trial and error things I’ve tried was learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

How to build it, where to build it, which layout to choose, how to write blog posts, how to pick a niche, how to write appealing topics that can draw in an audience, the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, how to do keywords and how many keywords per posts, and so much more!

Do I Find Success And Make Money?

I’m a firm believer that we can all learn something from someone, that if we invest in the right things, it’ll pay off.

I may not be one of those millionaire affiliate marketers yet, but I will say I do make a couple dollars every day.

I remember, when I first went premium on Wealthy Affiliate I was offered a promotion for only $19 for my first month (If you’d like this promotion, a gift from me to you, you can access it here, no worries! There’s no contract, cancel anytime!).

I was really excited about it, and honestly $19 is kind of whatever to me because I figured I’d just cut back on my Dutch Bro runs for the month if I had to… I just REALLY wanted to know what Wealthy Affiliate premium was like. Especially since I already zipped through all the training the free version offers (totally binged watched/read it, there is a lot of training in the free version still!) and I really wanted to learn more!

It was like an enormous display of knowledge just unfolded in front of me. I kept thinking that I wish I found out about this sooner!

It was just so unreal to have all of this information right there in front of me, when I spent so much of my time struggling time after time trying to make money online.

I kept hearing about all of these success stories of Affiliate Marketers but I was always so baffled on where to even begin.

I went through my first month with the promotion of $19 and decided it was definitely worthwhile. The original cost of it is $49/month (I must add this includes a web host, a must have for a blog HUGE perk right there!), still very reasonable for everything you’re getting.

I must admit though, the first few times my account was drafter the $49 I contemplated If I should cancel, but I didn’t, I kept going.

My 3rd month in I was making more money from my website than I was paying for my Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

Don’t give up, work hard, have faith, and invest when you feel like you should!

I had a gut feeling I was able to make money online, and I didn’t give up my search.

Finding Wealthy affiliate has given me that freedom to make money online, and I’m hoping you have found this post and you can find success, just like I have. Don’t stop chasing your dreams.

If you want to join for free, and get access to tons of training and more you can do so here

If you’re really ready to start making money online and start a new chapter in your life you can grab this promotion now for $19 for your first month, and remember there is no contract so you can cancel anytime
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