Making Money From Home – What You Need For 2019 To Become Successful!

Making Money From Home – What You Need For 2019 To Become Successful!

Happy New Year!

Isn’t it crazy how fast the years tend to fly by? Or is that just me?

Either way I always try to make the best of it. Being able to work from home sure makes it a lot easier to do so, and I want you to be able to do the same!

So are you ready to start making money from home and really start living more freely?

I’m here to help you get set up with everything you need in 2019 to really get you up and running to start making money from home!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This does not alter my opinion and/or review, all products I review are honest opinions. Thank you for your support!

#1 First And Foremost You Need A Place Where You Can Call “Home“.

My home is at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a beautiful community that has a lot of advantages and a lot of essentials you need to start and maintain a successful online business. INCLUDING tons of training about SEO, affiliate marketing, blogging, wordpress, and so much more.

To read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate you can do so here.

Making money from home

#2 Purchase Your Own Domain

I know a lot of people may tell you that as a new blogger you don’t need to buy your own domain, but in my opinion finding a website such as for example; (my own domain) looks a lot better than (free domain).

So look at it more of an investment, purchasing your own domain doesn’t cost that much, roughly about $13 for an entire year. Looking at it as a little over a dollar every month, more than likely about how much change we find in our washing machines every week or so… am I right?

There are plenty of sites you can purchase domains through. If you are a member at Wealthy Affiliate you can purchase a domain through them, or you can transfer a domain to them from another site, which is extremely convenient!

If you have yet to purchase a domain though I do personally recommend purchasing one from Wealthy Affiliate as it is very easy to do, and I enjoy having everything all in one place for my blog.
Making Money From Home

#3 Set Some Goals For Yourself.

It’s important, like really important. If you just do things just day by day you may not do as good as you could be doing.

Setting some goals for yourself is something that can really help you short term and long term. It doesn’t have to be a huge list, even something as simply as “writing my first blog post” would be a great start! Just be sure to keep updating it and make realistic goals, be sure to add goals whenever something pops into your mind you would like to achieve!

#4 Become Part Of The Ultimate Marketing Strategy.

As a blogger we have to realize that blogging isn’t about just writing on our blog than waiting for traffic to come. We need to promote… a lot.

So anything that can help us in that area is our total BFF and is something we all should really be part of… I’m serious!

It’s a beautiful site called Tailwind. They’re a social media scheduler, they help you promote your site when you’re sleeping, eating, blogging, running, whatever! Seriously it’s amazing. it’s so easy to navigate to I absolutely love it.

To read more about it you can click here to see my more in detail review.

Want a free month of premium? A special gift from me to you to help you on your journey in 2019, click here for a free month of tailwind premium! Unfortunately, this is only for new tailwind users.

#5 An Email List

This may seem a little silly if your just starting out, but trust me. If you make a site and someone stumbles across is and really likes it, looks for an email sign up and doesn’t find one, you just lost someone who may not come back unless they stumble across your site again.

Although if you have an email list on your site, regardless of your sites age and viewer basis you know you will not have to worry about missing out on anyone who may want to follow you and your site!

I use MailerLite, I like them a lot and I really liked the fact that you can use them for free up to 1,000 email subscribers. Even after that they have really reasonable pricing as well.

The only downside is the app they have is definitely not my favorite, I do like using apps so I’m hoping soon they can adjust it to make it a little more user-friendly!

If you’d like to check out MailerLite you can do so here

#6 Get A Pinterest Business Account (It’s Free)

I’ve talked about this before, I think in quite a few of my posts, and I’m going to talk about it again.

Please, if you’re not on pinterest get on it! It’s the best place to be as a blogger! I mean honestly it’s amazing! I get so much traffic from Pinterest it’s insane!

I want you to get that insane amount of traffic too, so Pinterest… yes, I HIGHLY recommend it as a blogger!

Joining some pinterest group boards is a great way to get your blog out there as well. It’s awesome to connect with others and to find more relevant content to post to your boards and to share to your follower basis.

I do have some group boards of my own, so if you feel you may fall into the same niche as me feel free to check out my group boards and send an invitation request so you can get your content out there!

You can access my pinterest here, I’d love to connect and help you promote your site!

Another thing since we’re on the pinterest topic is, I do have a post relating to the best places to get free images for your pins. It’s very important to have high quality vertical images for your pins! You can check out my post on where to find high quality free images here!


Running your own website doesn’t have to be as hard as you’d think.

The steps above is where I’ve found the most success and is actually where I’ve started and what I still use for my website!

I’m super excited for the new year and I have so many exciting goals I have set to accomplish!

I’m ecstatic to watch and hear about all your success and see how far you all grow in this amazing industry. The internet is one of the best places to make money, yes, there are a lot of people on the internet doing the same, but unfortunately not a lot are really trying hard.

Working hard and putting a lot of your effort in can and will make you achieve great things, write down your goals and keep reminding yourself why and where you want to be in life and that you can do amazing things.

I have faith in you. You all give me hope on a daily basis, and I’m very blessed for everyone who comes and stops by my website.

Thank you all for being here with me and making my dreams as a blogger come true, now its time for your dreams to come true as a blogger as well!

Happy New Year,

Making money from home


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