How To Make Money From Home – Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

How To Make Money From Home – Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Making money from home, ahhhh sounds great! Do you want know what the best part of that is tho?? YOU can do it too, FOR FREE!

The Perks Of Working From Home

So working from home obviously has some obvious perks, like working in your pajamas with your dog on your lap, taking an afternoon nap and waking up WITHOUT that annoying alarm clock ringing in your ear… what more can you ask for?

Well on top of the obvious perks there is a lot more to working at home. Like should I mention the unlimited potential to make large amounts of income? With potential to live that luxurious life you’ve always dreamed of.

Well I’m here to tell you right now that that IS possible, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you you’re going to be an overnight millionaire, well unless your one of the super lucky ones. You can make it big tho with hard work and dedication, but Let’s not let that scare you, remember working from home equals… no traffic, pajamas, no boss, having more freedom, and Let’s not forget about the unlimited income potential along with much more!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This does not alter my opinion and/or review, all products I review are honest opinions. Thank you for your support!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming very popular, why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! Affiliate marketing is something that can help you make a part-time income, and if you want too it can make you be able to live more than comfortable!

So what is it? Affiliate marketing is practically you (the Affiliate) promoting others products, and when it sells thru your affiliate link, you receive a certain percent of the sale.

The thing I like the most about affiliate marketing is there is so much potential in it, everyone who runs a business or has a product would love for someone to promote it. So that means that just about every website has an affiliate program. Do you realize how many items there is for you to make money off of??How To Make Money From Home

Something I HIGHLY recommend tho is that you’re always completely honest about everything you’re promoting. If you’re promoting some piece of junk and your blog visitors buy it and are unsatisfied then you’ve lost followers, and probably more because of word of mouth. Only promote products you would buy, or things that you KNOW are nothing less than amazing.

How Do I Start?

Now that you have an idea of what affiliate marketing is, let’s get you up and running with your new future. This is a site I actually started on, an incredible site with incredible mentors.


Wealthy Affiliate. You may have heard of it before, because there is a lot of success stories that come from it. Although with the success stories also comes some failures, you just have to work hard and stay dedicated and I can assure you great things will happen.

The best thing and the thing that actually drew me to wealthy affiliate is you start for free… YES you heard me, FREE!

Now that’s practically unheard-of, most businesses try to charge you $200+ a MONTH to start up your own website and teach you the ropes… yikes!

Tell Me More About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is something I highly recommend to anyone who wants to start their own business to join. The fact that it is free is amazing and it’s hard to not give it a try, I mean what’s there to lose? It’s FREE!

They have a very intricate training system the creators put together where they found most success in. If you like what you’re being taught and want to learn more there is an option to upgrade to premium, still a very affordable price at 49.99 a month, you get thousands of website layouts to choose from, even more lessons of how to run your business along with bringing in more traffic, and so much more. Remember tho, you can start for free, and continue for free if you don’t want to go premium! There is no “certain amount of days of free” it’s either forever or until you decide to go premium!

On top of all the amazing training lessons there is an amazing community. You can share your stories, ask questions, and find mentors or be a mentor on Wealthy Affiliate!

The Creators, Carson and Kyle, are very interactive with the community which I find amazing and inspiring, when you need help you can reach out even to them and they will always give you a response. In my opinion there’s really no better place to start learning and to start your own business!

Time To Be Your Own Boss

So if you have the same thought process as me it’s kind of a no brainer not to at least try out Wealthy Affiliate. Especially since you can try it for free!

There’s just so many perks and so much knowledge you can learn, and making it that you can start free is incredible. Free knowledge!!

We’re all capable of great things, if you really buckle down and give this a try there’s a really good chance that you can live the life you’ve always wanted! Working from home is almost all of our dreams I’m sure, and let’s not forget about the potential to make more money!

If Wealthy Affiliate sounds like something for you, click here

Ready to start living your dream??





26 thoughts on “How To Make Money From Home – Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

  1. Hi, Anna Great looking post it’s full of great info and content, you

    cover some very important points within your post also, keep it up.

    Cheers Dave

  2. Hey Anna,
    this’s great! You flare up the enthusiasm to your readers and I’m sure this post will hook a lot of eager eyes.

    I like the way you have properly lined up your points coherently, and the best part is your recommendation of the most amazing platform that is the best on the planet with the least minimal fee one could get elsewhere.

    Hey, keep up the good work.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you were able to connect to my post.
      Your absolutely right, Wealthy Affiliate is in fact the most amazing platform for that unbeatable minimal fee!

  3. Hello, this is the first time I’ve heard about affiliate marketing and it sounds like a great concept. However, I was just wondering does this mean we don’t have to worry about customer service or shipping and handling, etc? Cheers

    1. Hello Brandon,
      Yes that means we do not have to worry about customer service and/or shipping and handling! The only customer service you will have to deal with is commenting back to your posters when they have comments regarding your site.
      As far as customer service for the actual products the manufacture will take care of all of that, along with the shipping and handling, awesome, right?
      Thanks for stopping by Brandon, let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. Thanks for the nice post! I’ve been part of Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now and I must say it’s been nothing but a great experience. I can’t believe I’ve got my own website up and running when not that long ago it felt like something to distant to have. Your post was a nice motivation and a reminder why I’m doing affiliate marketing, I want to be my own boss and have the freedom to work from home ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Congratulations! That is a huge success! Wealthy Affiliate most definitely has a lot of perks to it and working from home is practically unbeatable! Keep up your awesome work, you’re capable of great things in life.

  5. I like your ! There is a never ending supply of the best products out there and wealthy affiliate is a good one to start with !
    To start out it’s free and even going premium is cheaper than any business you could start by a mile , trust me I have started a few and they are very expensive !
    Your site could get quite a following ! Keep up the great posts!

    1. Yes I completely agree, a lot of businesses and even training for business cost a fortune, and Wealthy Affiliate wants people to succeed, as to why they have a free and/or affordable program!
      Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for the thorough info on affiliate marketing!
    I’ve always wanted to start working from home but always find that staying motivated is a bit hard as you can easily fall off the routine. Do you have any tips on this?

    Look forward to more posts from you!

    1. I completely understand, that actually is a lot of problems people face with the working from home side of things.
      Something I really recommend is writing down your days at work, the goods the bad’s, and then look at the working from home side of things, the goods the bad’s. I tend to put myself on a “schedule” at home so my brain gets trained to having to for example, “write a new post every Wednesday at 2:00pm. Put some motivational quotes on your calender in your phone, to remind you of the amazing capabilities your able to accomplish with just a little bit of motivation!
      Hope this helps,
      thanks for stopping by!

  7. This is a great article Anna. You know, you did lay out the advantages of working from home, the no traffic, freedom and no boss experience. I especially like the no boss effect, like what Bill Gates said concerning college, if you think that your lecturer is tough, wait until you get a boss.

    I do believe that working from home is an experience worth exploring. There is so much potential to create the life of your dreams in an online business like affiliate marketing but as you mentioned, it does’t happen overnight. It actually takes hard work, determination and consistence.

    Thank you once again for the informative read.

    1. Absolutely! You are very right, the potential with working from home is almost unlimited. Hard work is so worth the aspect of being able to work from home and make a substantial income!

  8. Hello Anna,

    Your article made my day! it is good to find bloggers like you who strive to deliver valuable information to their readers.
    I have had a website for some time and I truly want (and need) to monetize it, but all I could find was making-money gurus whose fake gimmicks could be spotted off a mile.
    For one thing, a couple of weeks ago I sort of won a free class about network marketing and that seemed legit. The second, though, was already about investing thousands of bucks to become a premium member… I said I wanted to think about it and I saw a sudden about face from the Gurus… Just get lost you phony guys!

    Eventually, I decided to stop listening to nonsensical, ill-advised suggestions and started searching for legit programs on my own and here I am: your Wealthy Affiliate review did intrigue me and now I am fancying creating an accountโ€ฆ Three are the things that I liked most about it:

    1) NO MLM
    2) The owners do show their faces!
    3) You can stay a free member as long as you like and take some time to make your own judgement.

    I am of course in the process of digesting all the information you provided us readers with, but I will be asking you a lot of questions in the next few days (if you do not mind).
    Thanks again,

    1. Yes absolutely! I actually came across a website to where it seemed amazing, (before I found WA) they invited me to a seminar which I took out two hours of my time to watch, then at the end of the video it’s, “for only $199 start up cost, then $500 a month you can have an amazing successful business”
      Something that is a big difference between Wealthy Affiliate and others are Wealthy Affiliate creators don’t brag about what they have, and what they do with all there money, others do… A lot. Other’s main points as to why you should join them is because “they’re millionairs now, and they can do all these things and drive these kind of cars”. WA is more there to talk to you about how you can become successful and the steps to take. They’re ALWAYS there to help you if you need it.
      Absolutely! I’m always here for any questions you may have!

  9. Hi Anna,
    I’m ready to start my journey for working at home. In fact, I’m already doing it ๐Ÿ˜›

    All hail for those who’s working “anywhere” with a laptop and reliable internet connection.

    Thanks for the intricate explanation about the affiliate marketing model as well. By the way, I’ve also written a similar post just like yours (Wealthy Affiliate review). Feel free to take a look whenever you’re chilling out ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That is SO awesome!
      I’m so glad you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate! It truly can be a life changer!
      Yes absolutely, I will go check it out now!

  10. Hi Anna,
    I have been investigating different blog hosts, trying to learn more about ways to make it a profitable effort before I jump in head first.
    So wealthy affiliate hosts your site and helps you link to products for free?
    I hope to hear more, as I am very interested to get my blog started asap!

    1. Hi Hillary!
      So Sorry for the late reply, I was away for some family stuff!
      For the free version of Wealthy Affiliate it does not include being your site host, but if you decide you love it and go to premium you’re able to have WA host your site and so much more!
      So in premium that means you get access to WordPress, 2000+ site themes, over 100 hours of training, a website host, a website email, 24/7 365 site support, and so much more!
      It amazing!

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