How To Learn Affiliate Marketing – Start Learning Today For Free!

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing – Start Learning Today For Free!

Affiliate marketing is something that is taking over the internet, if you’ve noticed there is a lot of companies with an affiliate marketing program.

So, how to learn affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is something we’re all capable of doing, but it’s not something we can just wing it. We must learn about it, and how to properly go about it.

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What do I need most?

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing
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In the affiliate marketing world I would like to say, this is not a get rich overnight scheme. We have to remember that we need to stay dedicated, and continue working on our sites and strategies in order to become successful.

I, actually only started my affiliate marketing journey about 3 months ago, and I’m now making sales almost daily, I’m building an email list, and a follower basis.

I knew NOTHING about affiliate marketing before I started, I actually barely even knew what affiliate marketing was! I worked, and I work hard, always stay involved with my readers, and always stay honest about the products or programs I’m promoting.

You are also capable of success in affiliate marketing, if you ever need motivation with your blog, you can check out how I stay motivated here.

Something I’d like to say is, it’s never too late to start something.

I say this, because I get that question a lot, “Is it too late for me to start a blog and affiliate marketing?”.

My answer is absolutely not! Like I said, I started 3 months ago, and I’m now making an income from it.

Remember, these are my personal results, all results could vary. But, you are capable with success if you work hard and do not give up!

So Where Do You Start?

Wealthy Affiliate is where I started.

I have a very deep believing that most of my success was because of them, I cannot help to give them credit for it.

I started as a free member, if you’d like to join for free you can do so here. After about a week I loved it so much and could not believe how much I was learning already! I upgraded to premium, at a really great rate at only $49 a month. I felt really comfortable going premium because there is no contract, you can cancel anytime.

If premium is something you’d like to get right into, you can click here for a special promo for your first month for only $19.

I’ll go over the differences in the free membership vs the premium membership.

Free Membership

  • 10 Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons
  • 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Training Lessons
  • 2 Classrooms, Evolving Daily
  • 2 Websites Able To Create
  • 12 Beautiful Website Designs
  • Access To All Site Domains
  • Virus And Malware Protection
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Grammar And Spelling Correction
  • Templates For Efficiency
  • Live And Instant Chat, First 7 Days

Withing Jaxxy – Keyword, Niche, And Website Search

  • Keywords And Opportunity, 30 Searches
  • Siterank, Tracking Your Website Rankings, 30 Scans

Premium Membership

  • Weekly Live Interactive Classes
  • Plug Into Over 300 Hours Of Expert Education
  • 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons
  • 70 Affiliate Bootcamp Training Lessons
  • Incredible Catalogue Of Industry Training
  • 12, Classrooms, Evolving Daily
  • Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training
  • Your Own Authority WA Blog
  • 50 Websites, A Website Platform You Can Grow With
  • 3000+ Beautiful Website Designs
  • 51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”
  • SiteDomains
  • SiteSpeed
  • SiteProtect
  • SiteHealthy, Website Analysis
  • SiteComments, Explode Your Website Engagement
  • SiteFeedback, A focus group for your website
  • Advanced Website Training
  • SiteSSL, Free SSL Certificate (Website Encryption)
  • 24/7 Managed Monitoring
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Site Support, Average Response In 5 Minutes!
  • Virus And Malware Protection
  • Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites (Site Host)
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Over 1,000,000 Beautiful Graphics For Your Content
  • Grammar And Spelling Perfection
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Templates Of Efficiency
  • Networking With 1.2 Million Members Strong
  • Expert Mentoring And Support
  • Ambassadorship Program Access
  • Live And Instant Support
  • Mentoring From The Founders
  • Website And WordPress Support

Jaxxy – Keyword, Niche, And Website Rankings

  • Keywords And Opportunity, Unlimited
  • SiteRank, Tracking Your Website Rankings, 100 Scans
  • Niche, Revelation & Discovery
  • Reverse Engineer Successful Website
  • Brainstorming New Ideas
  • Uncover Incredible Valuable Domains


As you can see both premium and free versions have amazing perks.

I’ve been a member with WA like I said prior, for about 3 months. I’ve had nothing less than an amazing time. Your taught so many things that are crucial for building a successful online business.

I admire how interactive and supportive the members are, I often find myself in a chat with a couple of them, learning new things and teaching others things.

Aside from the extremely detailed training, there is also lots to learn from the members.

Daily, I see members posting about their success stories, it’s an amazing feeling when you see others achieving their goals with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is something I would love to see more a part of. Simply because it’s something we all are capable of.

It’s something that’s given me financial freedom I did not have before. I have the opportunity to stay at home with my son and actually make an income!

Before I started with affiliate marketing I was thinking it’s gotta be easy, “You just put links in stuff and then make money right?”. Not exactly, in order to become a successful affiliate marketing you need to learn a lot more than the basics. I could sit here and teach you guys about it, but you would not get nearly the amount of detailed training that WA has to offer.

Did I mention in each lesson, there is also a video walking you through it? VERY helpful!

If you’re ready to start your affiliate marketing journey, and start living your dreams of working from home, go ahead and join WA and really learn everything you need to know!

Join WA for free today!

Join WA Premium today and get your first month for only $19!

I wish you the most success, and cannot wait to see you having your own online affiliate marketing business up and running!

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing


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