How To Find Keywords For A Website – Get Your Content Indexed FAST!

How To Find Keywords For A Website – Get Your Content Indexed FAST!

We all I’m sure dream of our content being indexed in top search engines like, Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

One thing we may have trouble with is how to find keywords for a website, how exactly do we get our content ranked high enough to where it would be able to get found by people researching words?

I’ve managed to figure out a way to get my content indexed within a day of it getting posted, and to have a lot of organic traffic per month to my website! I want that for you too, so here’s exactly how I do it!

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Top Keyword Research Tool

So with all the blogs already cruising around the internet it’s important we know what we’re doing, or else we can “waste” so much of our time.

We all know writing blog post’s can be not only time-consuming, but also difficult at times.

I’ve talked about before how I use, and also started with Wealthy Affiliate, if you’d like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate you can check out my review here.

Aside from that, within Wealthy Affiliate you get access to something called “Jaaxy“.

This is a TOP NOTCH keyword research tool!

Before I started blogging I always thought, well all you have to do it just find something you want to blog about, write a title and then just wait for traffic, right?

Terribly wrong, I cannot express how important it is to use a keyword research tool. Most of the stuff I was going to write as my blog title has either an extremely high competition rate, which something I did not want as a brand new blogger, or had just about 0 traffic to that keyword per month, not good!

Thankfully with Jaaxy it’s super easy to find out which keywords are ranking, how they’re ranking, and if it’s really worth you trying to either write about that, or which exact blog title to chose!

How to find keywords for a website


Deciding How Much To Write Your Keyword

This part can be a little tricky, because for google to find your keyword you need to write it enough, BUT you want to make sure you do not write your keyword too much or google could pick it up as spamming, and all in all, not index it because of that… Yikes!

I tend to write my keyword about 5 times per 1000 words.

I find that anything less takes a little longer for google to find my content, anything more could be okay, but I find anything more than 10 per 1000 words tends to not get indexed at all, and if it does, it take weeks.

By using Jaaxy, and then writing my keyword roughly around 5 times per 1000 words my content will get indexed within the same day of it being posted, or early the next day. Pretty good if you ask me!

How to find keywords for your website is really all about what your website is based on also, just because one keyword is ranking super high, does not mean you should bring your website off topic because you want to get ranked. This is something I tend to see new bloggers doing, but doing this will only confuse Google.

As a new website owner you need to make sure Google, and everyone else knows what you’re all about. So one of my biggest words of advice is to stay on topic.

If the title’s you’re wanting to talk about don’t have high traffic rankings, try wording it a little different, but make sure they still make sense!

You Can Still Use Jaaxy Without Wealthy Affiliate

If you already have a host and a home for your blog, you do not have to join Wealthy Affiliate to get access to Jaaxy, I do always recommend Wealthy Affiliate, but some people may already have a place for their blog they love, which is totally okay too!

Anyways, you can join Jaaxy by itself and still have all the amazing perks of it.

I did write a full detailed review on Jaaxy, which you can check out here.

You can check any keyword you want right now on this Jaaxy tool and see exactly how it works, it’s actually quite amazing how easy it can be to make sure your content has the capability to get indexed!


I recommend blogging to all of my friends, and anyone really looking to make some money!

It can be a little difficult to get the hang of, but If you stick to it and always focus on learning more it can be a really great way to make money.

I am actually going to start blogging full time, because after 7 months of blogging I am starting to make enough to where I can rely on it for money!

I do have a passion for blogging, and I have a strong passion to help others and help them work towards their goals especially if their goals are to be able to work from anywhere in the world, and to have more freedom in their life.

I’d have to say using Jaaxy has made my blogging life a lot easier and more time efficient.

I can now go onto Jaaxy and find which keywords rank the best and how they rank. Also, exactly how to word them.

Are you ready to start getting ranked high in top search engines and really start making some awesome money from blogging?

If Jaaxy sounds like something you want to join you can join Jaaxy right here!

How to find keywords for a website


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