How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer – Be Able To Work From Home Successfully

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer – Be Able To Work From Home Successfully

Affiliate marketing is a huge door to making an unlimited amount of income. Affiliate marketing is actually the main income I make from my blog. Affiliate marketing is the top revenue generator actually for a lot of bloggers, generating roughly 70% of income for bloggers.

I want to share with you some of the best Affiliate marketing programs I’ve found. First, I’d like to explain that affiliate marketing can be a waiting game at times, remember you only make money when someone purchases something thru your affiliate link.

So my words of advice is to not get discouraged, work hard, and make sure you keep updating your blog regularly with content your viewers want to see.

I use Google Analytics to check which of my posts are the highest performing ones. Higher performing post means that’s what your readers are liking the most. 

Check your stats of each post regularly to assure that you’re always writing post that will do nothing less than great.

The more posts you write that keep your readers interested the more of a chance there is that they will return. If you only have one post that readers wanted to see, and there’s nothing else on your blog along those lines, chances are they may not have any interest to come back.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This does not alter my opinion and/or review, all products I review are honest opinions. Thank you for your support!

Another thing that you want to add into your site sooner then later is an email list.

Never think that your blog isnt “built up enough” to have a mailing list. Having a mailing list is very important for your business, it’s a way to stay connected with all of your readers (thats of course if they subscribe).

When you are in contact with your subscribes on a certain basis the more likely they are to return to your site. Most income bloggers generate from affiliate marketing is from returning readers. You’re readers want to feel like they can trust you before they start making all these purchases thru your site.

I personally use MailerLite.

I have mine set so that when my readers reach the half way point of my post my subscribe button pops up. I like this option as it gives my readers some time to dig into my post before there bombarded with popups. (Something I personally recommend)

MailerLite has a really easy to use platform and they have some really great options for your layout. What I like most is that it’s free until you reach over 1000 subscribers.

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Even after 1000 subscribers it’s still a very affordable price.

Now remember, since you are going to be promoting these products to your readers you always want to make sure these products are nothing less than amazing. If you are promoting some products just because you see they have a high commission rate, and they happen to be complete junk and your readers buy it, guess what? You just lost readers along with more potential readers because word of mouth. Not good!

Always, be honest with your reviews!

Alright, now that I got that out, lets dive in!

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is an amazing affiliate program… I mean c’mon it’s amazon! I love them because they have so many products to choose from, so they have you covered in practically every niche.

They have numerous options to choose from as in how you promote and display their products. One of my personal favorites is the Native Shopping Ads section.

I typically do the “custom ads” section of that because I can choose exactly what is getting promoted to assure I’m promoting only the best products to my viewers. I use the native shopping ads typically at the bottom of my page, as you can see in my post about the best black Friday deals for bloggers.

Now keep in mind Amazons commission rate does vary by what category the product is in. Typically, the commission rates are roughly around 5%.

Click Here To Join Amazon Affiliates!


Tailwind is a life changing platform, first of all. So, if you’re not a part of Tailwind I highly recommend it. My traffic increased from 1400% in a week after using Tailwind. I’m telling you, life changing!

Back to Tailwinds Affiliate program, their is two different types. If you’re a free member on Tailwind you can do “referral links”, for everyone you refer they will receive their first month free, and you will get a $15 credit that can get put towards your premium membership if you want one. I use premium because of the many perks it has.

Next, their is an actual affiliate program that they have thru ShareASale (We will go into ShareASale next). You can apply to the program thru the Tailwind website or ShareASale. This Affiliate program offers 15% of each recurring monthly payment, so for example if someone clicks on your Tailwind affiliate link and they purchase Tailwinds premium version you get 15% of every month’s payment they make. So, if they keep their Tailwind account for 20 years, that’s 15% commission every month, for 20 years!

One thing I must mention about this program is that if they click your affiliate link and join the free version, they must upgrade their account to premium within 90 days of clicking your link or you will not earn commission from that.

Let me tell you that Tailwinds Affiliate Program is in the top 100 programs on ShareASale. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Click Here To Join Tailwind!


ShareASale has many options to choose from which I adore, such as pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, and pay-per-lead. They have a minimum payout of $50, but with all the amazing affiliate programs they have that makes that number more feasible to hit.

Some amazing programs that are within ShareASale are

CreativeLife: They offer online classes in photography, business, DIY, and graphic design!

WP Engine: They provide website hosting, and the best thing is they offer a minimum of $200 per referral!

Grammarly: Spelling and grammar checker. (Grammarly is something I use on a daily basis)

Blurb: Create, sell, print high-quality photo books, ebook, and more!

Tailwind: Pinterest and Instagram marketing, scheduling, and analytics tool. Top 100 Programs on ShareASale as mentioned before.

And many more! ShareASale is a great Affiliate Program to be a part of, as I use it quite often.

Click Here To Join Share A Sale!

Rakuten Marketing

I LOVE Rakuten Marketing, they have a lot of the big name brands they partner with. That being said, that makes it very easy to find programs you want to become an affiliate with. The layout in Rakuten is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

It’s an easy program to get accepted into which is really nice for bloggers just starting out.

The commission rates vary between each retailer, before you join a program they offer specific details of the commission rates.

Here are some examples of some of the big name retailers they partner with, I’ve put them into categories:

Walmart (They get their own category)

Business and Career



Lumber Liquidators

Computer and Electronics


Best Buy

Clothing and Accessory


Physicians Formula

Urban Outfitters

and MANY more!

As you can see these are some really big names! The crazy thing is this isn’t even a fraction of all the companies they partner with!

Click Here To Join Rakuten Marketing!

Cj Affiliate

I love Cj Affiliate, they really have a lot to offer!

At first, honestly, wasn’t totally convinced by them because I never did too much snooping around on their site. It was a tad bit hard for me to navigate at first.

Giving It some time, I do love it.

They have everything to promote wether you blog about fashion, DIY, blogging, technology, cars, and so much more… I mean seriously they’ve got it all!

Also they do verifications with who they partner with to assure they don’t have a bunch of scammers they run with, brownie points!

Click Here To Join CJ Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate

This is a program that is very close to my heart. This incredible platform is the exact reason I am running a successful blog today. Before I started my blog I knew zip, nada, absolutely nothing about blogging or anything technical. One month into Wealthy Affiliate I made my first sale.

They’re my blogging parents, they raised me in the blogging world!

Wealthy Affiliate has an extraordinary Affiliate program. Although, the full affiliate program only comes to premium members. (Premium membership for WA is an extremely affordable price at $49 a month, if you want to join for free before you go premium you can click here, although I highly recommend Premium as it’s worth every single penny spent, the best part is their is no contract, cancel anytime! OR if you want to go yearly, WA is having a killer Black Friday promo for only $299 for an entire year, for more information on that click here)

Back to the affiliate program. If you refer someone thru your affiliate link and they go premium on monthly recurring payments of $49 a month, you’ll receive $23.50 a month, PER sign up! If you refer someone and they purchase the annual sign up of $359 then you’ll receive $175 for every year they continue with the annual membership!

Here is a little explanation of their Affiliate program

Make Money From Home

Making Money From Home

This is an incredible affiliate program to be a part of, let alone a great site to be a part of. I often see bloggers on WA who have been bloggers for a long time, learning new tips about blogging and affiliate marketing.

To become a very successful Affiliate Marketer you have to remember that it is an investment, the best in the bizz didn’t wake up one morning and just wing it, they had training, courses, instructors to become as great as they are today.

Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate!


So as we can see their is numerous programs we can join so we can continue on the road to success. Affiliate Marketing seems to be taking over the internet business, and if we play our cards right we can all achieve out financial goals.

Affiliate Marketing can be a little complex at times, so that is where I do recommend on reading or taking courses on it so you don’t want to waste your time *raising my hand as guilty once*.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned a lot more of the ins and outs of the system than I thought I’d ever know.

Do you use any other Affiliate Marketing Programs that you recommend? I would love to check them out!

Wishing you all the most success.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions!


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