Best Sites For Free Images – High Quality, Electrifying, And Unique!

Best Sites For Free Images – High Quality, Electrifying, And Unique!

Quality images make the word a better place, but where do we find ones for free?

I’ve put together a list of the best sites for free images!

As we know when we have access to high quality images it can really benefit us in many ways, making our website stand out more, it looks more professional, and it’s awesome for social media.

If I’m scrolling through someone’s website and I see a lot of blurry, or stretched out images I personally lose a little interest. Don’t let that happen to you!

So, here is an amazing list that provides FREE high quality images! Some of these websites so have paid versions, but they offer lots of amazing free high quality images!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This does not alter my opinion and/or review, all products I review are honest opinions. Thank you for your support!

Ivory Mix

I absolutely love Ivory Mix, I use their images quite often as they have almost every image available in a square, or vertical.

This is a huge help because as we know, Instagram typically favors square images, as pinterest favors vertical images. Win-Win right there!

The images available are beautiful, simple, yet eye-catching at the same time. There’s some that offer bold colors, and lots with really nice pastel-type colors.

One of my favorite thing’s is that they update their pictures monthly so you’re always getting new photos that are so beautiful and unique!Free Stock images

Elle Drouin

Not all of her photos are free, you get 10 free stock images when you sign up, but they’re absolutely gorgeous and unique which I love.

They have beautiful pop’s of colors to make them very appealing to your viewers. What I love most about her is she offer’s extremely reasonable pricing if you do want to purchase images.

By doing this you have access to over 1500 unique beautiful images for only $25/mo. By doing this it also gives you that advantage of having images that are not overly populated all over and truly make you stand out.

Here is your access to 10 beautiful Free styled stock photos

Free images online

She Bold

These images are super girly, which I absolutely love since I’m a total pink lover! Jasmne always stays up to date with the latest trends to assure that you receive nothing less than beautiful high quality images.

Jasmne offers a free image pack of 50 high quality images when you sign up for her email list. Not only do you get just one pack of 50, you also get new images every month! Also, she sends out holiday images so assure you always stay up to date with the hottest and newest stock images!

You can access your 50+ free images here!


Pixabay has some really good free photos, I will say it’s not my all time favorite site for free photos, but that’s only because I have a particular style I look for.

If you are looking for some really nice quality free stock photos you can definitely check here, because they do indeed have a very large selection!

Free stock images


I really like this site a lot, I’m a huge fan of the pink with marble look (like the photo below), and they have a lot of images like that!

Pexels has an extremely large array of free stock photos, so the ability you have to find exactly what you’re looking for is pretty high. The only downside of Pexels is that there is a good amount of people who know about them, so your photos may not be the more authentic. Thankfully, since there is so many pictures available there still is a chance not many people have discovered what you have yet!

The best Free images for pinterest


Okay, so this site is really wonderful. Definitely one of my favorites!

They have such a wide selection you can totally get lost there! (I might be guilty of a binge session there once or twice).

Something I don’t often see here that I tend to see on other sites is the same photos. Very few times I’ve seen a photo here that I’ve seen somewhere else!

Photos for free

Visual Hunt

Visual hunt is another of those sites where it seems to have an unlimited amount of free images, which is always nice! It does have around the same feel tho as Pexels and Pixabay.

One thing that does really stand out for this site is that you can choose what color you want to search for. I tend to have days when I want all pink photos, or I’m just craving coffee so I need to express it to you guys.

What do you mean is that a hint?? No, I don’t want coffee right now….

Okay, fine maybe I do…

Free blogging images


I don’t personally use Stokpic because there isn’t too many photos that really work for my niche, but if your niche revolves or may include summer, adventure, traveling, and/or lifestyle products this would be a good site for you to find some good freebies.

Free traveling images

Stock Snap

Stok Snap has some pretty darn cute pictures on there, not all are completely unique but the thing I like most about them is they have a lot of good quality images for bloggers who blog about, blogging.

Free images for bloggers

SC Stockshop

I absolutely adore SC Stockshop! The images here are incredibly beautiful.

This is one of the sites that has a certain amount of free photos you have access to though. They are totally worth it tho!

If you sign up for their email list you get 20 free stock photos, you’re also able to purchase more if you really love them!

Unique free photosPicJumbo

This ones for you beauty and fashion lovers!

PicJumbo is absolutely a must need for beauty and fashion lovers, they have some really spectacular free stock images here!

Not only is it just for beauty and fashion lovers though, I find some really beautiful images for just about everything!

Free images for beauty bloggersStyled Stock

Styled Stock has a HUGE selection of free photos that are amazing for just about any blogger. I actually use Styled Stock a lot, I love the beautiful simplicity of them. The images make it really easy for me to create pins for pinterest with them because they’re not too busy, yet eye-catching.

Free stock photos

Creative Convex

This is a hit for anyone who loves pink and floral… it’s the jackpot!

Each image has its own unique pop of color keeping it simple yet stunning. Although they don’t offer all of their images free, they do send you a sample pack if you subscribe to their emails!

Free Stock images for social media


I feel like I cannot give enough credit to Canva, they are the magic behind being able to easily and effectively create amazing pins or any type of anything really!!

I actually create all my pins on Canva, they are a total life saver.

Did I mention you can make free logos through them??

Sites with free images
Pin Me For Later!


Not only is it fun to say, but it’s really fun to look at. Kaboompics has some really… I mean really spectacular free pictures on it! They’re so fun and really give you a kick of energy!

Free stock images

Startup Stock Photos

Now this isn’t where you’ll find the cutest photos ever, but if your looking for business type photos this is the place to be! They’re high quality and have a ton of different settings making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Free business photos

All The Free Stock

All The Free Stock is pretty cool because they’re not your average free photo site. They also offer free videos, mockups, etc!

Free Images


Magdeleine is mainly pictures about nature, traveling, animals. So, if your niche falls into any of those categories, chances are you’re going to find some really nice finds.

Free nature images


Skitterphoto does not have as many free photos to choose from as other sites I’ve mentioned. One reason I do like them though is because not many people know about them, so their pictures tend to me more authentic!

Where to find free photos for your blog

Life Of Pix

I’ve found some really beautiful high quality pictures on here, this is another site that isn’t that popular yet so your pictures will definitely be more on the authentic side of things.

Free pictures for your blog

Fancy Crave

There is a lot of photos available here for free, and as an added bonus, there are two new ones added daily!

Find free images online

So as we can see there is SO many free photos you can choose from! Don’t let low quality photos try to take over your blog or social media!

Remember to always read the licenses on the images just to be sure you’re not accidentally downloading an image you might have to pay for.

Anyways, thanks so much for stopping in, you are awesome!

What sites do you find best for finding free photos?


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