Affiliate Marketing Secrets – How To Stand Out From The Rest!

Affiliate Marketing Secrets – How To Stand Out From The Rest!

Welcome to the field of affiliate marketing! As you may have found out by now, it can be a little tricky, so how do we stand out from the rest? What are some best kept affiliate marketing secrets?

Well, I’m here to share with you some most successful one’s I have!

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Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

1. How You Talk To Your Readers

I wanted to mention this one first because I find it to be very important.

The way you talk to your readers and the connection you have with them really determines a lot.

If they read your articles and never really feel a connection it can be a bit hard for them to want to buy products from you. If you talk to them like you’re talking to a friend, they will gain a sense of trust, resulting in them feeling like they should purchase your products. This is key for when you’re building a follower basis!

When you’re writing your articles just think more of writing to one person, rather than to a broad audience. Use “you” instead “y’all, you guys, etc.

Ask your readers questions, and asks them questions anticipating on a reply! I ask questions all the time in my posts and a lot of the time I will have readers reach out to me via email with their answers… SO AWESOME!

Your readers will want to connect with you if they like your content, give them a reason too!

Remember, a connection with your readers leads to trust which leads to them wanting to follow your blog meaning signing up for your emails and possibly purchasing through your affiliate links. Write as if one of your readers were standing in front of you!

2. Staying Honest With Your Products

This goes hand in hand with tip #1.

When your readers buy the products you’re promoting and try it, they are going to find out whether it’s amazing or not. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!

You do not want to lose a follower basis because you are promoting crappy products.

I’m serious, get off of those sketchy affiliate websites that you don’t know what more than half the stuff even is, you’re just promoting it because it has a high commission rate. Chances are you’re going to send a virus to your readers computer and they’re going to look at you as the enemy and tell all their friends how awful you are. Big no no, don’t promote sketchy products!

Promote products you’ve either tested out yourself and find amazing, or you personally know of someone who has tried it and really loves it.

The reason I said before that this goes hand in hand with #1 is because it’s all about the way you are with your readers and building that relationship.

Your readers buy something you were promoting and find out that it is AMAZING, they come back looking for more amazing items, right? I know there’s a couple blogger’s I personally follow because I love the stuff they promote, it’s always amazing!

You want to be that person, even if it’s not the highest payout rate, you will have returning “customers”. That is what you want in the affiliate marketing world.

3. Stay In Touch With The Admins Of Your Affiliate Programs

This one can get a little tricky, as it doesn’t always work, so when I tell you this remember all affiliate programs are different and are run by different admins, BUT some admins can make exceptions to your commission percentage.

What exactly does this mean?Affiliate Marketing Secrets

If you’re part of an affiliate program and you’ve proved yourself to that company that you are a worthy affiliate, you can speak to the admin about a “raise” is your commission… Yes, it’s true!

Something that can really help you out though, is if you stay in contact frequently with the admin. Even if it’s just keeping them updated on sales you’ve been making, asking about new strategies they may suggest, really anything to make they know you on more of a level than just one of the thousands of affiliates making them money.

Chances are if they remember your name associated with emails titled in “New Sales”, “Sales Strategies”, etc chances are they will know you’re a hard worker and will want to keep you with them.

Lets remember though, all programs are different, some admins may never want to budge on their pay out rates, and some may be more willing than others, either way it doesn’t hurt to try!

4. Stay On Top Of The Most Recent Deals

Please do not be the last to find out about deals!

Do your research and always stay on top of what the latest trends and what’s going on in your niche!

I cannot even begin to explain how important this is.

There are times when I will actually email the admins to some of my affiliate programs and ask about any new promotions they will be releasing soon so I know about them the second the start, and I can be sure I will not be one of the last to broadcast it.

For instance, say it’s around the holidays and your niche is in computers and there’s a huge deal going on about a macbook, but the only way you found out about it is from someone elses blog. Guess what? Chances are there was also millions of others who also found out about it too, possibly thousands of people who already purchased it before you even knew about it because you weren’t doing your research.

You want to be the blogger that other bloggers see and are like “Oh wow how did they find this smoking hot deal, I need to blog about this!”. As you’ve already made a couple sales from it because you were one of the “first” to blog about this awesome deal and product… be that blogger!

Do your research.

Email your affiliate admins about new promotions/products going on soon.

Blog as soon as you (and of course are allowed) find this information out!

Are You Ready To Be A Kick Butt Affiliate Marketer?

I’m really excited you came here to read this because I really think you can become an amazing affiliate marketer.

I’ve personally followed all of these affiliate marketing secrets and I’ve found some great success with them! Affiliate marketing, as I’ve mentioned many times before, can be a lot of work, but is so worth it if you work hard and dedicated yourself!

You’re amazing and thanks for stopping by,


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  1. Very informative article Anna and thank you for sharing what I think are some very effective strategies, and what seems like a great opportunity to start an internet business, which I will check out.

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